Manufacturer of award-winning LED products
Energy Star
PearlLED has significant experience in designing and manufacturing "best value" LED products from an environmental, energy efficiency, as well as cost point of view. Our designs stand-out amongst other manufacturers of LED bulbs and fixtures. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, drawn from the experience of our founders, which span across a broad range of industries, products and services. To meet your volume and time lead time needs, we feature a flexible production facility, equipped with a modern machinery, that can quickly reconfigure to address even large volume orders. We are an EnergyStar partner and all of our products exceed EnergyStar requirements.

PearlLED has been awarded
Global Top 30 by the Global CleanTech Cluster Association and one of our products, the P30 LED bulb has been named Best Product by the Design News Magazine in 2010. Our made in the USA products offer above average warranties outperforming most competitors. PearlLED is proud to create jobs and prosperity for Americans and for other people across the globe, through the global nature of our business.

Energy Management and Rent-a-Light Programs :
Our lighting specialists can help you save big on energy and lighting costs.
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